Sozo Design Studios was started by Joshua Kleinman in 2010 initially as a way to help Christian Ministries in India get their name out on the Internet but now we are looking beyond just Christian ministries and looking towards working with secular companies as well. We live in a visually stimulated, media driven, bright and shiny world! So don't settle for the bare minimum when it come to graphically representing your company or organisation. Here at Sozo Design Studios we strive to meet our clients needs wether it is designing a logo or a custom website for a small company or designing bill board or an entire t-shirt for a mega church. Here at Sozo Design studios we do all that and more. We design custom websites, logos, bill boards, t-shirts, business cards, flyers & brochures. So let us help you make a stunning first impression.

Joshua Kleinman (Founder)

I am a graphic and web artist currently living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

I have been designing for the last 4 years I first started out as a graphic designer but after a year I started to take an interest in web designing and web management. My goal as an artist and as a designer is to make a dent in history by not just creating stuff that looks really good, but by utilising my skills and abilities to awaken people to the beauty of what's inside each person. I take my job seriously when I work with each and every client and I want my clients to have access to the highest quality of designs and branding. I love what I do because I am putting a mark of excellence on the companies and organisations all over the world.

My desire is to use the abilities I've been given, and the talents I have been blessed with to not just feed myself and my own pleasures, but to provide others with the resources and capabilities to create a beautiful world around them. For me to be blessed means that I am to, in return, be a blessing. I want my generation to be inspired by what I do and believe in themselves that they can rise above the status quo, bare minimum mindset, that's trapping so many people into unfulfilled & boring lives! I want to use the profit from my business to give to those in need, and travel to places where I'm also needed. Anyone who sow's into me by investing in my business, is not just investing in good design, or a young designer, but in world change & transformation.